Richesm Group looks at the “marketing mix” of a company or brand, which comprises the 4 parts



A company can price its products in several different ways. Here are some to remember



Richesm Group used only to sell HealthCare Products online, but now it sells millions of different products in many categories.



Richesm Group’s online store has grown over the past few years in many parts of the world.



When it comes to marketing, Richesm Group knows how important communication is.


More than 90 years of success, driven by countless achievements.


Richesm Group illustrates various aspects of its Sustainable Development journey comprising of governance, risks and opportunities, strategy, performance, key highlights and achievements, qualitative and quantitative data on various economic, environmental and social aspects. The report conforms to GRI Standards, ‘In Accordance – Core‘ option. GRI (Global Reorting Initiative) Standards are the most popular framework for sustainable development reporting in the world.

Various sustainability initiatives undertaken are in areas of energy management, water management, material conservation, recycling & waste management and enhancing green footprint. All of these have helped it in meeting the business, social and environmental goals of the Group. We will continue our journey as a responsible corporate entity, deliver and build further momentum on our consistent track record for sustainable growth.

We have created a culture that rewards continuous learning, collaboration and talent for the organization to be future-ready and to meet the challenges posed by ever-changing market realities. Capability building of the workforce is achieved by combining formal learning with vigorous on-the job development, coaching and feedback which have led to improvement of performance among executives and workmen and has helped advance their careers in significant ways.

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At Richesm Group, we encourage individuals with an innovative approach and creative thinking. We appreciate people who believe in giving in their best, which is in line with the ethos of the company of being an organisation driven by quality. We value perseverance, inclusivity and pursue excellence in all our endeavours. If you are a professional driven by values such as mutual trust & respect, honesty & integrity, transparency, relationship, openness, empathy and above all strive to outperform yourself, Richesm Group is the place for you.

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By registering your business with RichesM, you gain access to a global customer base that is actively searching for the products you offer. The platform is designed to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to reach new customers and grow their sales.

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Our wide network of dealers/ distributors is present across the country to serve you incessantly. The Richesm Group has 21 manufacturing units, 12 agri sites and 24 depots spread across Delhi, Noida, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Tripura.

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