At RichesM, we don't just sell products - we promote a lifestyle.

RichesM is committed to promoting health and wellness by offering affordable, high-quality products and services. Our extensive omnichan- nel network, including E-commerce and retail stores, allows us to make these products accessible to everyone.

We empower niche Indian brands to scale up their operations through our “Sell With Us” program. Our ultimate goal is to create a healthier and happier world by promoting a lifestyle that prioritizes health and well- ness, with authenticity, convenience, and trustworthiness.

In just a short time since our launch in early 2021, we have expanded our product range to over 9000 SKUS, established partnerships with top brands, and processed over 50,000 online and 30,000 offline orders.

We’re committed to doubling down on our E-commerce network, estab-lishing flagship RichesM Health and Beauty Lounges, and widening our export network.


Spread across India are hundreds of unique products’ manufacturers who excel in product design and development but are hindered from realising their true potential due to lack of access to market.

With www.richesm.com, we aim to fulfil the role of the trusted market- ing partner for such brands through our “Sell with Us” program. Through this program we incubate proprietary brands to grow despite the rough and tumble of marketplace dynamics by offering them specialised services covering listing, ranking and digital marketing support.

At richesm.com, we understand the importance of building trust with the consumers as well. Hence, we also guide brands to continually provide valuable content and gain customer loyalty by ensuring brand consistency. We are augmenting the service with intuitive dashboards that will not only help brands manage all processes of the marketplace, but also, facilitate friction less communication between the brands and the marketplace.


RichesM’s mission is to create a healthier and happier world by promoting a lifestyle prioritizing health and wellness. We achieve this by offering affordable, high-quality products and services through our extensive network, including E-commerce and retail stores.

Additionally, we showcase the quality of Made-in-India products to the world through our export network and help Indian brands reach their full potential.

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